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Beautiful Clayton Homes Less Than 1,000 Square Feet


Bigger doesn’t always mean better! Are you looking for the perfect small prefabricated home? Check out this list of compact manufactured homes, all under 1,000 square feet, that offer great small living options for people who aren’t quite on board with the Tiny Home trend, but who want to downsize!

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The Dempsey

The Dempsey mobile home


The Dempsey by TRU Homes maximizes 765 square feet of space. On top of two bedrooms, there's still extra room for a washer and dryer in a utility room. Living room windows and an open floor plan give you a larger feel with classic features and finishes making it stylish.


The Delight

The Delight mobile home


Our builders figured out how to efficiently get two bedrooms AND two bathrooms into 820 square feet! The Delight by TRU Homes has a spacious master bedroom and master bathroom and also gives kids or guests their own private bathroom to use.


The Steal 1

The Steal 1 mobile home 

The Steal 1 by TRU Homes gives you even more space with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and multiple closets all in 902 square feet! You and your family can get cozy and enjoy quality time together in this affordable home.


Blazer Extreme

Blazer Extreme mobile home

The Blazer Extreme by Clayton includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and beautiful features like a farmhouse sink and a kitchen island all in 877 square feet. Try going with white cabinets for a farmhouse look in this beautiful, space efficient home.


The Maximizer

The Maximizer mobile home


The Maximizer by Clayton does just that - maximizes. You can maximize plenty of kitchen storage space along with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in this 877 square foot home. Plus, you get a walk-in closet in your master bedroom and a designated dining area which gives you plenty of space in the kitchen.



Euphoria mobile home


When you purchase the Euphoria by TRU Homes you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck! This home features THREE bedrooms and two bathrooms in 902 sq. ft. With plenty of options for additional features, this home is a great choice for starting out or downsizing!




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