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Basic Steps to Getting Rid of Your Garage Clutter

Your home's garage is, for the most part, universally understood (in a perfect world) as an area to hold your car while having areas along the walls for things such as:


  • Outdoor gear (bikes, sporting goods, kayaks, etc.)
  • Tools and work areas
  • Extra supplies (animal supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.)

But somehow even mobile home garages become a mess. Keep reading to learn about garage organization tips that can be used by everyone with the goal of decluttering their garage and giving it a complete garage makeover!




1. Establish the primary purpose of your garage. Focus on how you want to use your garage!


These can include:


  • Storage & an area to park your car
  • Workout area
  • Work space
  • Relaxation spot


Although this is by no means an exhaustive list of what you can use you garage for, these are some of the top uses of a garage.


2. Figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go. Think about the purpose of your garage and ask yourself, “Does this fit with how I’m using my garage?” Don’t let other things invade if they don’t fit!


3.Think about the items in your garage and figure out which storage options will fit your items best. Regardless of what purpose your garage serves, where are you going to place and store your equipment? Do you need designated spots for certain larger lawn equipment or recreation equipment?


If using it as a workspace, you need to have proper shelving for your tools and a workbench large enough for the type of work you plan to do. Having a variety of storage options is important, but it is crucial to find storage options that fit your needs.


Basic Steps to Getting Rid of Your Garage Clutter


After completing these steps and having your garage ready for all of your items, start organizing your garage! Neatly place everything where it needs to go and do your best to maintain it so you don't accumulate garage clutter again!
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