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Are Tiny Homes Safe?

Clayton has been providing affordable, quality built housing since 1956 and continues to build homes for families across the country. Through our building practices, we are able to deliver on our Clayton Built® promise of quality and efficiency. This promise holds fast for our Designer Series tiny homes.


How Tiny Homes Are Built

Clayton Designer Tiny Home Living Room

The Low Country model


Each tiny home we build undergoes a rigorous internal inspection process at the home building facility to ensure that it is built to last a lifetime. Not only are the Designer Series homes built efficiently in 6-8 weeks using a controlled manufacturing process, they are also built to be safe homes that will last a lifetime.


Designer Tiny Home Dining Kitchen and Living RoomThe Salt Box model


To make sure each tiny home is built  with strength and durability, we construct our tiny homes as small modular homes built to  IRC standards as well as all applicable state and local building codes.


The IRC contains code requirements that address:

  • Wind loads
  • Snow loads
  • Minimum window opening height and width
  • Proper ventilation
  • Plumbing, water supply and sanitary drainage
  • Appliance Installation
  • And much more


Clayton Designer Tiny Home Hallway Desk Storage

The Low Country model


Plus, each tiny home is built using certified building materials like electrical wiring, circuit breakers and more to reduce fire hazards. Every tiny home also has a smoke detector pre-installed and each home adheres to applicable state and local building codes.


We take every precaution to comply with safety guidelines and building requirements because we want tiny homeowners to enjoy their homes for a lifetime.


Tiny Homes and Natural Elements

Clayton Designer Tiny Home Exterior and Porch

The Low Country model


One question surrounding tiny home safety is whether tiny homes are safe in high winds. Our tiny homes comply with IRC construction requirements such as wall bracing guidelines for different wind zones.


Construction of our tiny homes also complies with all applicable state and local building guidelines. You can rest assured that your tiny home will be built to comply with climate-specific construction guidelines for the location where your house will be placed.  In areas with specific requirements for wind, earthquakes and other weather safety concerns, we make sure that our tiny homes comply with applicable guidelines from both the IRC and state and local requirements.


Additionally, our tiny modular homes do not rest on wheels untethered to the ground. They’re built to be placed on secured, permanent foundations.


Clayton Designer Tiny Home Bathroom

The Salt Box model


Each Designer Series home is designed and constructed to be a luxurious, stylish tiny home that will last you a lifetime. Before we build each tiny home, we make sure that each tiny home floor plan is approved by the state, the local jurisdiction and/or a state-authorized third party inspection agency. Then, each home undergoes multiple internal inspections and is built with quality materials in our climate controlled building facility.


We go through an extensive, controlled process to make sure that you get a beautiful, efficient and safe tiny home to call your own.


How Clayton Tackles Building Codes

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