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Are Manufactured Homes Furnished?

Depending on both the home you purchase and the retailer from whom you purchase your home, your new mobile home could be furnished. If you purchase a new, furnished mobile home, the price of the furniture and décor will be worked into your new home purchase price.*


Which manufactured homes are furnished?

Furnished Mobile Home Master Bedroom


At many manufactured home retailers, you’ll often see display models that are filled with furniture, art and accessories. This is to help home buyers like you envision what it could be like to live in one of the homes.


These decorated display models will be the furnished homes for sale at your local retailer.


Furnished Manufactured Home Family Room


I know when I’ve visited home centers and seen decorated homes on display like the Greystone model by Norris or the St. Croix model by Norris, I’ve wanted to live in one of them!


Are model manufactured homes fully furnished?

Decorated Mobile Home Living Room


Even if you see furnished manufactured homes at your local home center, the home may or may not be fully furnished.


When I helped decorate the Greystone model at my local home center, the living room, kitchen and utility room were furnished with décor, accessories and furniture.


Furnished Mobile Home Kitchen for saleGreystone model


However, the bedrooms did not have bed frames or bedroom furniture, so the home wasn’t fully furnished.


Fully Furnished Mobile Home For Sale

Fully furnished St. Croix model 


However, a different display home model at the same home center was fully furnished.


Fully Furnished Clayton home For Sale

Fully furnished St. Croix model


The new manufactured home was decorated and designed all the way from the family room to the dining room, living room and master bedroom.


Furnished New Home Options

Finished Manufactured Double Wide For Sale


This is a perfect example of how already furnished home availability varies. At your local Clayton Homes retailer, Clayton Homes furniture packages could be available with multiple model homes, but the furnishings could vary from home to home.


Some home centers do not decorate display models, so there may not be any fully furnished homes for sale. It really depends on the home center.


Perks of an Already Furnished Home

Furnished manufactured homes make it easy on new home buyers who are at a loss of how to decorate their new home. Sometimes, buying an already furnished home can mean getting a great deal on the gorgeous furniture and décor included in the package.


Furnished Mobile Home Master Bedroom


Even better, home centers sometimes bring in designers to decorate the homes with the latest styles, so you could get a trendy, already furnished home that you’ll love to show off! 


Furnished mobile homes are also a great new home option for people who are relocating across the country and do not want to transport large furniture and all their décor.


Unfurnished Double Wide for sale


Of course, buying a fully furnished manufactured home may not be the right fit for everyone. All our home centers have home models available that do not come already furnished, which can be a great option for you if you already have your favorite furniture and home décor picked out. 


Unfurnished manufactured home family room


If you want to design your new home interior, a home that isn’t already furnished can let you pick furniture and décor that fits both your personal style and budget.


When you visit your local home center, you’ll be able to choose from furnished and unfurnished home models that are already set up.

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 *Home buyers cannot finance furnished home packages with government loans and available furnishings must be purchased separately.

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