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An Inside Look at the Tiny Home Building Facility

Clayton Designer Series tiny modular homes are built efficiently with brand name appliances and materials inside a climate controlled facility.  Since Clayton has over 50 years of experience constructing manufactured and modular homes with precision in building facilities across America, it made sense for us to use one of our tried and true building facilities to build our new Designer Series tiny homes from the ground up.


There are many benefits from building tiny homes off site in a building facility. Located in Addison, Alabama, our tiny home building facility features technology that allows us to minimize the time it takes to build new tiny homes. For instance, overhead cranes let us move the tiny home frame through the facility as our trained team members build different parts of the home.


Building a Tiny Home 


We can also minimize potential delays from inclement weather and ensure that building materials have minimal exposure to the elements.


Home Building Materials


All of our Clayton home building facilities will be ISO 14001 registered by the end of 2017. This ISO 14001 registration helps us build green and protect our team members and communities. A clean, well-organized facility lets us build tiny homes with precision and timeliness while keeping our team members safe and healthy.


Tiny Home Building Facility Team


Our building process allows our team members to build precisely with the high end, quality materials that are included in our custom Designer Series tiny homes. For instance, we include specialty appliances from Summit Appliance® like a range, combo washer and dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator.


Clayton Salt Box Tiny Home

The Saltbox model


We buy custom Ply Gem® windows and doors that we use to create an open and airy feel. You can get a luxurious, accessible tiny home with stunning features built by trained craftsmen at our specialty building facility.


Clayton Low Country Tiny Home

The Low Country model 


As I mentioned above, we’re proud to say that our tiny home building facility in Alabama incorporates an energy efficient building process. The facility is ISO 14001 registered which means the facility meets an international standard for energy and resource management. Registration also means that the facility will continue to go through inspection and review systems to make sure the building process meets ISO expectations.


Tiny Home Building Facility


Building these energy efficient Designer Series tiny homes indoors lets us provide a luxurious tiny home for less while preserving natural resources!


Are you ready to get a beautiful tiny home built with sturdy framing, specialty appliances, luxurious flooring and lots of large windows? Then take our tiny home quiz and find out which Designer Series tiny home best fits you and your lifestyle!

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Summit Appliance is the registered trade mark of Felix Storch, Inc.

PlyGem is the registered trade mark of Ply Gem Industries, Inc.


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