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Amazing Mobile Home Remodel Photos

Over time, the terms transformed into “manufactured homes.” With this shift in terms (because of the HUD Code) came more customized and attractive single wide and double wide homes that accommodate growing families and varying tastes in décor.


Large manufactured home builders, such as Clayton, welcomed this change with open arms, but we aren’t the only ones!


Mobile Homes Remain


A few individuals have taken on the daunting task of modernizing older mobile homes through their own crafty efforts! We applaud their ability to see something for what it can be, so we’ve decided to share a few of our favorites with you.


Whether you’re looking to remodel your own single or double wide mobile home or transform your kitchen, bedroom or living room, these remodels will inspire your own efforts!


1. Hunter’s Homes


After both an Airstream remodel AND a 1,200 square foot Fleetwood home remodel, Hunter Hampton has become an expert when it comes to making mobile home improvements.


Hunter Hampton Mobile Home RemodelPhoto by Hunter Hampton


First came the Airstream. For this remodel, she did everything from birch bead board paneling on her cabinet doors and fridge, to adding a hidden microwave nook!


Both interior additions gave her quaint kitchen the touches it needed. We especially like her kitchen cabinet turned bookshelf seen below on the right.


Hunter Hampton Airstream Mobile Home RemodelPhoto by Hunter Hampton 


When it came time to move to a larger space, she transformed her new 1200 square foot Fleetwood home by adding chandeliers in the kitchen, renovating the master bedroom and living room, adding new tiling and countertops in the bathrooms and installing a new farmhouse sink and oven in the kitchen.


To top it off, she put a shiplap door in the living room! The shiplap is perfect for a gathering space when you want to entertain guests with extra flair.  



Hunter Hampton Fleetwood Home Remodel Living RoomPhoto by Hunter Hampton



Hunter Hampton Fleetwood Makeover Living RoomPhoto by Hunter Hampton


2. Charmaine's House Flip


Remodeling is no new task for decorator Charmaine Manley, and she’s especially good at it!

It’s hard to believe your eyes when you see her mobile home remodel pictures. She transformed everything from the home’s exterior to the showerheads. My favorite parts have to be the backyard and kitchen. 



Charmaine Manley Mobile Home MakeoverPhoto by Charmaine Manley



Charmaine Manley Mobile Home Makeover PorchPhoto by Charmaine Manley


The added porch in Chairmaine’s backyard makes the space a more inviting area to entertain guests and for enjoying nice spring and summer days!



Manley Kitchen remodel.jpgPhoto by Charmaine Manley



manley kitchen remodel 2.jpgPhoto by Charmaine Manley



manley kitchen remodel after.jpgPhoto by Charmaine Manley


3. 4 The Love of Wood


Kristy and George love repurposing vintage furniture, so they used the same techniques to update their 11’ x 60’ mobile home!


Finishing cabinets, repainting walls, switching light fixtures and adding antiqued furniture made this single wide mobile home remodel one of the most amazing.


4 The Love of Wood Mobile Home Living Room RemodelPhoto by 4 The Love of Wood


They saw the bedroom as a project that needed their crafty touch. Whitewashing and painting the walls helped brighten and open up the space, making it more inviting and relaxing.


4 Love of Wood.jpgPhoto by 4 The Love of Wood


If you’re determined to revamp older styles in your single wide or double wide home, use some of these techniques!  

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