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Spring Gardening Ideas: Top 10 Flowers to Plant for Spring Spirit

Spring is here and we are excited to enjoy the warmer weather! Enjoying your home in the spring is more than getting to sit on the porch or crack open the windows. It also means getting outside and trying your hand at some landscaping!


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Do it Yourself Tree Stump Removal Tips

As you begin making your list of outdoor chores for this spring, you may find removing a tree stump on your list. There are a few different reasons why you might need to remove a pesky stump in your yard.


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Maximizing Your Downsize: What Possessions To Pitch


Ask anybody having a garage or yard sale and they’ll tell you how nice it is to get rid of stuff you don’t need. Ever since the size of homes starting rising in the 70’s, Americans have found more things to fill their larger and larger houses.


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What to Do With Your Tax Refund: Turn Your Refund Into Equity

It’s tax time! For many, that means a little extra cash in the hopper. According to the IRS, the average tax refund in 2015 was around $3,120. That’s quite the chunk of change!

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Building and Zoning Tiny Homes

Building codes set minimum requirements for how different types of buildings should be constructed. These regulations are set in place for the safety of the people that may occupy or use a building.

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Top Tips to Get Your Manufactured Home Ready for Trade-In

As we discussed previously in how manufactured home trade-in works, your home’s condition is not a pre-requisite to trading it in. However, the condition of your home can impact your trade-in options as you and your family search for your new dream home!


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Earth Day Tips: How to Read Different Energy Efficiency Ratings

Tomorrow is Earth Day! To celebrate, we've created some tips to help you as you shop for more energy efficient home features or evaluate your current appliances and systems.

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How to Inspect Your Manufactured Home Post-Winter

Although spring and summer weather are not especially hard on your manufactured home, winter weather could have caused problems that will affect you later in the season.


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