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8 Personalized Garden and Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping has been a great way to improve the exterior look of your home. Change a couple things in your landscape design and your home can look completely different! Adding a garden can also improve the aesthetic quality of your home. Picking a creative layout will improve the look of your garden and the overall appearance of your home, and adding some personal touches can bring it all together.

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How to Make Your Own Man Cave

The Lloyd model by Cavalier


All men need a refuge. In a world of endless tasks, stresses, and change, men simply ask for a space where they are truly in control to relax, tinker, and decorate (though we may not admit it). This sanctuary of masculinity and escape is known as a man cave.


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A Customer Story: How the Phillips Have it made®

In the cozy town of Sealy, TX, Elizabeth and Dale Phillips spend their days entertaining neighbors, drinking coffee and working on different projects to make their Clayton Built® home their dream home. From the kitchen, to “Queen E’s Garden,” Elizabeth and Dale have put a lot of work and love into creating the perfect home for their family.

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Prefabricated Home Interiors for Every Home Decor Style

Clayton Built® homes have come a long way since we handed our first customer the key to their home in 1966. They’re no longer steel-box trailers or mobile homes. They’ve become quality built, affordable homes for people in every season of life.

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7 Beautiful Ranch Style Modular Homes

We’ve featured 4 Clayton Built® Ranch Style Prefabricated Homes that you guys loved, so today I’m going to share 7 ranch style modular homes. As we go through these modular homes, you’ll notice they come with character and a personality of their own with features such as a country style kitchen, a built-in entertainment unit and a stone fireplace!

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Clayton Built® - Making Housing More Affordable

In its 2017 The State of the Nation’s Housing report, Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies points out that the housing market is slowly regaining its strength nearly a decade after the Recession of 2008 However, not all markets and households are flourishing, and affordability issues still remain near record levels.

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How Energy Efficient Are Your Household Items?

This Sunday on April 22, we’ll celebrate the best planet in the universe—Earth! In the busy world we live in, it’s easy to forget to care for our planet and monitor our energy usage, so take some time this week to consider how your home uses energy. The Earth will love you for it!


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The Top Manufactured Home Repairs and Maintenance Tips a New Homeowner Should Know

If you are anything like me, a millennial, home repairs have always been “what adults do,” chores to complete or a reason to call the local repair man. However, things have changed, and now it’s our time to do these home repairs ourselves.

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