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About the Artist Crafting Designer Series Tiny Homes

Renowned architect Jeffrey Dungan and his team of architects and designers brought their flair for open, airy spaces and clean modern approach to the world of tiny homes when Dungan’s office designed Clayton’s Designer Series tiny homes.


Dungan is well recognized for his fresh approach to classical architecture and has been honored with multiple awards from the American Institute of Architects and the State of Alabama.  He has also won two coveted Shutze awards from the ICAA (Institute of Classical Architecture & Art) and was named a fellow in 2015 to the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. In April 2017, Dungan was named Architect of the Year by ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) and VERANDA.


After graduating from Auburn University, Dungan went on to create award-winning residential and commercial designs all over the world. As an adventurous artist, Dungan has designed a wide range of projects from commercial office buildings to educational projects, residencies, church and institutional projects.


When talking about his job as an architect, Dungan says “When you talk about designing buildings, I think it’s a huge opportunity to help people live better lives through what you do.”

Dungan has a passion for creating beautiful buildings where people can thrive, and it is evident in the Clayton Designer Series tiny home designs.


Southern Roots & Natural Inspiration



Dungan discovered his passion for art and drawing while growing up on his family farm in rural Alabama. The southern countryside would become the inspiration for years of designing. For instance, the Low Country model was inspired by the southern marshlands and areas around Savannah and Charleston.


Largely due to his upbringing in rural Alabama, Dungan consistently draws inspiration from nature and emphasizes the human connection to nature in his designs.


As Times Free Press explains, Dungan and his team sought out materials for the Designer Series tiny homes that seemed to fit best with both the tiny home vision and the environments where the tiny homes might be placed. Dungan’s team, which includes architects Michael Curtis and Heath Clement and interior designer Michelle Cone, designs with setting, light and nature in mind to create elegant, fresh designs.


In an interview with the Art of Construction, Dungan shares how much he loves travelling and explains that he has learned much from different cultures and places around the world. In his many projects, you can see touches of inspiration not just from nature, but also from a variety of historical eras and international locations.


Dungan’s Notes About the Designer Series Tiny Homes


As an artist, Dungan believes it’s essential to continue evolving and exploring. Combining natural influences, inch-by-inch space maximization and luxurious style is just part of how Dungan and his team embrace change and an innovative, fresh approach to tiny homes.



When talking about the Designer Series tiny homes, Dungan says, “Instead of designing by the square foot, these homes challenged us to design by the square inch because you’re thinking about more of the three dimensionality of the space and all the things that you need to get to work in such a small area. It’s really challenged all of the ways that we thought about space and how little space it actually takes and what you can do with that space if you’re very very thoughtful about it.”


Today, Dungan and his team mostly work on custom homes and occasionally home developments. Dungan’s office is committed to working with clients’ needs and desires as they create homes that are luxurious, natural and beautiful.


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