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A Valentine's Friday Favorite: The Hearthside Model

This week, we want to tell you how much we “heart” the Hearthside model by Schult! That’s why we’re showing it some Valentine’s love and making it this week’s Friday Favorite!


A Gable Greeting



First, we love the exterior gables and the windows. It makes the Hearthside model look inviting and gives it more personality!


A Warm Welcome

Clayton Mobile Home Hearthside Fireplace Living Room


Once you go inside, you’ll discover how open and inviting this home really is!


A Cozy Cuddle Space

Clayton Hearthside Living Room Fireplace


The fireplace in the great room is perfect for cozying up with your significant other on Valentine’s day! The large living room has plenty of space for your whole family to enjoy time together.


I Could Kiss this Kitchen

Clayton Hearthside Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances.jpg


We definitely want to show the kitchen some Valentine’s love! The oven and microwave combo is perfect for maximizing space and making room for storage. Turn around and you’ll find a seamless countertop range.


A Sweetheart Stovetop

Clayton Hearthside Kitchen Stovetop


I personally like this set up because I hate how hot the stove can get when I’m baking and cooking on the stovetop at the same time. This stove top helps even that heat out a little bit!


A Darling Dining Room

Clayton Hearthside Mobile Home Dining Room


The cozy dining room is perfect for a Valentine’s meal at home. Turn off the lights, set out some candles and enjoy a delicious Valentine’s dinner that you prepared in your beautiful kitchen!


Lovesick for this Laundry Room

Clayton Hearthside Laundry Mud Room


I also love the laundry room in the Hearthside! The built-in coatrack and storage is a great spot to kick off muddy shoes and leave wet winter coats. Plus, there’s a hanging rack right over the washer and dryer which is perfect for clothing you don’t want to shrink in the dryer.


Please Be Mine Bathroom

Clayton Hearthside Master Bathroom


The master bathroom also gets some love for the beautiful vanity and the large space. You’ll also love the walk-in closet in the master bathroom.


Show your significant other how much you heart them this Valentine’s day by finding the perfect home with plenty of space and the features they love.

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