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A Galvanized Metal Window Treatment How-To For You!

With the upcoming arrival of my first child, I have been in complete nesting mode! My most recent project on my son’s nursery is a do it yourself galvanized metal window treatment, and I’m completely in love with how it has transformed the room and practically completed the ‘little lumberjack shack’ theme we were going for. 


Completed Lumberjack Nursery Crib Window Rocker Baby


This do it yourself window update would also look beautiful in a kitchen or living room to give the farmhouse chic look (and it may be a post baby project!) Here are the steps to make this fun project:


Completed Homemade Tin Roof Window Covering Plaid Curtain Lumber Jack Nursery


Step 1: Cut Your Lumber For The Frame


I used 2x4” boards and my beloved miter saw. My window opening measured 34.5 in. and I wanted the overhang to be a little over a foot. Below are the cuts that I needed to complete this.

  • 1 – 36” main board
  • 2 – 12” side boards
  • 2 – 12” boards with one side cut at a 45-degree angle


Cut Lumber for Home Projects


Step 2: Assemble The Frame


Lay your 36” main board flat with the two 12” side boards on either side. You will need to use something to attach these three pieces together such as Flat Braces. I found mine at Lowe’s.

You will then attach your angled boards to the top of the other 12” side boards.


Once assembled, you can stain with any product you would like. I used Minimax’s Jacobean Wood Finish on mine because it matched with the pallet wall it was going up against.


Window Frame do it yourself homemade wooden frame


Step 3: Hang Your Frame


For this step, use two Zinc Angles to support and attach the main board to the wall. Then, use wood screws to attach the side boards. Here is a picture of the zinc angles I chose to use.


Bracketed homemade do it yourself window frame wooden hanging

Mounted Homemade Wooden Window Covering Frame


Step 4: Cut And Antiquate Your Metal


On this step, you will need to cut your metal to whatever width you would like. I used a corrugating roof panel for my metal topper, at 42" x 15” using a skill saw with a metal blade. I then watered down black paint and dabbed randomly over the entire metal to take away the shine. To give the edges a rusty look, I used a red craft paint and sponge painted around the sides.



Step 5: Hang Your Sheet Metal


Using metal screws that are at least ½” long, attach the metal sheet to the top of the frame on the angled boards. I put two screws into each side and it has held wonderfully, but feel free to use more if you would like.


 Lumber Jack Theme Nursery Tin Window Covering Plaid Curtain


Helpful Do it Yourself Tips


  • Make sure to wear durable work gloves during this project. Galvanized/corrugated metal is extremely sharp on the edges.


  • When rusting/antiquating the metal, there are a lot of ways to rust your metal instead of painting. However, be very careful with what compounds you mix. A common one advised to be used (Bleach & Vinegar) can actually create a toxic chlorine gas, so make sure you have done your research.


  • Step back and look at your metal prior to attaching to your frame. While exact measurements are awesome, I like to make sure it looks even as well. Nothing is more frustrating that having to redo a step!



Now you can take off your work gloves, step back and enjoy your beautiful window update.

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