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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Store Things Under Your Manufactured Home

Storing items under your manufactured home may seem practical, but the following are reasons why it may not be the best idea. Over time, mobile homes have incorporated more storage into the design of the home to make it easier to store items for homeowners. 


A great alternative for more storage is purchasing an outdoor shed that helps keep your items dry, at easy access and away from your home. You can also look at mobile home garage options, whether it's a detached or integrated garage!


Clayton Now Series siding and home exteriorYou won't have to store items under a home from the Now series with a utility room and built-in kitchen storage!


1. It Isn’t Always Dry

Even if it may not be visibly wet underneath your home, it could be damp, which could lead to mold developing over time on your items. Moisture in general can rot a variety of materials.


2. Pipe Systems

Shoving items under your home could potentially damage piping under your home or cause scrapes and tears in other parts of the underbelly.


Also, if a pipe leaks or bursts and you have your items stored underneath your home, they could potentially be destroyed. Water soaking into items can also lead to mold, which is a health risk for you and everyone living in your home.


3. Bugs Gather

Dark confined areas are where bugs like to gather. Having items under your home allow for webs to be made in your items, making it harder to remove your items later. Also, do you really want to find spiders in your stuff?


4. Fire Hazard

Collecting items in a confined area close together is a recipe for a mess. If those items include different chemicals and materials, it could spell disaster for your home.


A small spark could potentially lead to a large fire rising up under your home, so it’s better to play it safe than sorry by keeping the area under your home free of storage. At the end of the day, it’ll be safer for everyone in the home.


5. Releveling

If your home needs to be releveled at any point, you will need to first remove all of the items underneath your home. This reason leads directly to the next problem with storing items underneath your manufactured home…


6. Not Easy To Get Items

Because the area underneath a manufactured home is typically a short and dark area, you are limited to crawling around in order to get things in and out of your home


7. Animals

If animals find their way in, they can destroy your items. They also can become your uninvited housemates if they decide to call the area under your home their new home as well.


There are always space-saving alternatives to make more room for storage inside your home if you don't want to buy a shed! Start with simple organization and look for homes with built-in storage options.


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