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Budget Friendly Staycation Ideas for Kids!

Are school breaks right around the corner for your little ones? If so, you might be wondering “what in the world am I going to do with these kids until they go back to school?!” But don’t give up yet, parents! Here are a few ways to have fun at home with your kids before the back-to-school chaos begins.


Backyard Water Fun

Little boy swinging from a tree in the yard in front of their manufactured home


If you’re like me, the idea of braving the water parks in the heat of summer is overwhelming! So, bring the water park home with water balloons, sprinklers, kiddy pools and more! This can be as big or little as you make it. Make it a low-key day of family fun by running through sprinklers with your little ones or invite the neighborhood kiddos over for an all-out water war! Just don’t forget the watermelon and popsicles! If it isn’t quite warm enough for sprinklers and kiddy pools, try setting up some water sensory activities or a few of these fun indoor projects to keep them entertained!


At Home Campout

Camper pillow on outdoor patio furniture


Break out your camping gear for an at home adventure! This activity works inside or outside. Gather up blankets and pillows and make s’mores in the oven or go all out and set up tents and sleeping bags in the yard. Start a campfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows for a sweet night of making memories under the stars.


Movie Marathon

Family of five eating popcorn and watching a movie on the sofa of their manufactured home


Everyone’s favorite activity! Grab your popcorn and favorite theater candy, build yourself a blanket pallet and cozy in for a day-long at home movie festival! For even more fun, pick a theme! Choose from your favorite selection of ocean themed movies and serve up sea creature themed snacks and treats. The options for themes are truly endless!


Kids in the Kitchen

Husband and wife in their manufactured home kitchen cooking breakfast with their kids


Let your kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Plan out a special meal that you can make as a family. Whether it be a fancy multi-course meal or a casual pizza night, there are tons of recipes you can make with your kiddos! They’ll love being in the kitchen with you and they can learn new skills at the same time.


Game Night

Family of four playing board games in their manufactured home dining room


Host a game night for family and friends. Some of my favorite childhood memories come from playing board games around the table with my family. Break out your favorite classics and set 
up stations so people can choose what they want to play!


Redecorate and Rearrange

Young boy jumping on his bed


Summer break is the perfect time for a change of scenery. And you don’t even have to leave your house! Take a day with your kiddos to rearrange the furniture for a fun twist, or go big and redecorate their room! Here are some fun ideas for designing a bedroom around bunk beds!


Embrace Friendly Competition

Young boy and girl playing chess in the living room


Whether it’s a building block contest, a homemade pizza cook-off, a clay sculpture competition or who can clean their room the fastest (See what I did there, parents! You're welcome!), kids LOVE a good competition.


Before you know it, the summer fun will be behind us, and we’ll be school supply shopping once again. So, embrace the heat and enjoy a sweet summer staycation!




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