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7 Tips for Making Your Manufactured Home Energy Efficient This Summer

Temperatures are already climbing and while you may have made your home more energy efficient this winter, summer is an entirely different animal. High heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your energy bill, but not to fear – with just a few changes you can get your home ready to face even the hottest summer.


Happy Family in Summer in Manufactured Home


1. Shade Your Manufactured Home

Shaded Golden West Manufactured Home

Home featured built by Golden West


Shady trees help people cool off on hot summer days and the same goes for your house. While any shade helps cool your home, you should prioritize shading south-facing windows with either trees or an awning.


Trees are a longer-term investment, but they provide more shade and lose their leaves in winter, allowing that sun to stream in on cold winter days.


2. Dry Clothes on the Line

Unless you live in a high humidity area, hot summer days are perfect for drying clothes outside. A clothing line is cheap and easy to install and can save you the energy needed to run your dryer multiple times a week.



3. Invest in a Smarter Thermostat

Smart Manufactured Home Thermostat


You can’t constantly be adjusting your thermostat throughout the day, especially if you’re away from home. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust when outside temperatures drop or rise. Most smart thermostat devices are easy to install and allow you to manually read and adjust your home’s temperatures from your phone. 



4. Use Cool Nights to Save During the Day

Manufactured Home Living Room and Windows

The Cambridge model by Clayton


Instead of running your air conditioner through the night, turn it off and open the windows in your home. The cool evening air will cool your house while you sleep and you can close windows in the morning to keep that cool air trapped inside.


Fair warning – this method only works in regions where the temperature and humidity actually drops at night.


5. Upgrade Your Windows

Low-E Windows for Manufactured Home


Often one of the biggest energy drains in older homes is the windows. Newly designed Low-E windows, available in the Energy Smart Home package, have special coatings that can filter out 40-70% of the heat coming in from sunlight while allowing in the same amount of light.


6. Become a Fan of Fans

Manufactured Home LIving Room Ceiling Fan

The Sweet Dreams model from the Special Reserve Series by Schult


While they still require energy, ceiling fans use far less energy than an air conditioner and create wind chill that can make a warm home feel as much as four degrees cooler.


What’s more, fans help lower the temperature in specific rooms, allowing you to keep your house at a higher overall temperature during summer months. You can actually hack ceiling fans a couple different ways to improve your indoor comfort.


7. Change Your Clothes

Looking at Clothes Options in Closet


While this one may seem self-explanatory, when you come home from work in a suit or blazer, your warm home is going to feel even warmer. Change into a cool outfit right when you get home to instantly feel cooler without ever touching that thermostat.


To save on energy all year around, ask about Clayton’s Energy Smart Home Package. It can help you save on your utilities and use less energy throughout the entire year.

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