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7 Easy Home Improvements That Save You Money

Most homeowners have a laundry list of home improvement projects. Unfortunately, many home improvement projects include a steep price tag or require a lot of work.


If you’re looking to save money at home but aren’t ready for a big investment, check out these cheap and easy home improvements that can help your wallet without eating your entire weekend.



1. Install a Shower Timer

Manufactured Home Master Bath and Shower

The Smithdale model by Cavalier


Every family has at least one person who loves long, hot showers. Unfortunately, those showers can add up on both your water and gas bill. A shower timer can easily be installed on your shower head and set to reduce flow once the timer runs out.



2. Add Low Flow Faucets

Manufactured Home Sink and Faucet

Not unlike the shower timer, low flow faucets help you save on your water bill. For homes without water pressure regulators, these faucets are a cheap way to reduce needless water usage.



3. Integrate Home Automation


The AVD28543A model by Clayton


The recent boom in home automation has spawned a slew of smart home products that can help you stay safe and save at home. Devices like a doorbell camera protect your home from porch pirates. A smart garage door opener can save you from driving back home to double check if the garage door is actually closed.



4. Seal Cracks

Caulking Window Seal


Whether you go with caulk or weather stripping, buttoning up your house will save you money on your power bill. What’s more, the more sealed your home is, the less often you’ll have to call pest control to get rid of those pesky sugar ants in your kitchen.



5. Wrap Your Hot Water Heater

Insulated Water Heater


Whether or not you’re using any hot water, your hot water heater is constantly working to keep its tank full of hot water. By insulating the tank and its piping, you can reduce heat loss by anywhere from 25-45% and save up to 7-16% in water heating costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.



6. Shorten Your Dryer Vent Hose

Flex House Laundry Room

The Flex House model by Clayton


The longer your dryer vent hose, the more energy it takes for your dryer to pump out steam. By simply shortening the hose connecting your dryer to the wall, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your power bill. It’s easy and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.


7. Install a Ceiling Fan

56ESS28523EM-5228 6011-Ceiling Fan.jpg


In hot summer months, reaching for a switch to turn on the fan will typically be cheaper than turning up the air conditioning. Consider adding ceiling fans to rooms that tend to get warm so you don’t need to ice out the rest of your house trying to cool off.


You can also use a ceiling fan to heat your home in the winter, which is another great reason to spend a weekend installing one in a room where you spend lots of time.


Saving money at home doesn’t have to be hard. If you try any of these weekend do it yourself projects, you get the satisfaction of setting yourself up to save money over time. Do you want to make saving money at home even easier? Check out efficient brand name appliance options that Clayton offers in manufactured and modular homes.


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