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6 Reasons Manufactured Homes Are Perfect for Millennials

We’re a generation of home buyers raised during the housing crisis. We’re understandably slow to enter the housing market, but as many newcomers explore prefab home options, more and more are coming around to the idea.


More than a third of the American workforce is made of millennials, and we are looking for alternatives to rising rent costs. Here are six reasons why manufactured housing is the best investment to make right now as a millennial.



1. Durability

Moving a Manufactured Home Down Road to Property

A prefabricated home has to be just as, if not more, durable than the traditional site built home. As a home is transported from a manufacturing facility to its destination, it must withstand rigors like strong winds.


A modular home model has its modules sent down the highway as well, with each module eventually joined on its foundation. As multiple home sections or modules are joined together, the marrying wall they share is a strong point that helps the home resist environmental stresses. By nature, a manufactured home is built for a lifetime of comfortable living.



2. Customization

Locker Room Clayton Model Kitchen with Customization OptionsMany models like the Locker Room have upgrade and customization options!


While every Clayton model is built based on an existing floor plan, many have the ability to include customized features. When aspects of another floor plan really stand out, a home building facility can typically incorporate those features into other models.


Different colors, layouts, design schemes and features can make up the home of your dreams!



3. Something For Everyone

Doing Laundry in Extra Laundry Room Manufactured Home


As student loan debts hinder many Americans from finding their own home, millennials are looking for a home that can pull double duty. Home offices, home gyms and home theaters are just a handful of examples people create using flex space offerings.


You can get a breakfast nook or a full utility room that is large enough for a washer and dryer. Manufactured home companies are beginning to enter the tiny home sphere, too!


You can also choose where you want to place your home, whether you put it on your dream property or look for a home in a community. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!



4. Home Center Incentives

Lowes Made in the Shade Promo Home Center


There's never a bad time to come out and visit a Clayton corporate home center! Many of our valued retail partners run either their own or corporate promotions throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to visit your local home center to check out the latest deal that will help you save!



5. Rising Rent Costs

First Time Home Buyers Moving Into Home


Ballooning rent costs in American cities and towns is getting ridiculous. Landlords are placing increasingly stringent restrictions on their properties, and the pennywise millennial understands that building equity is an important part of establishing both strong credit and a presence in your community. Buying your own home lets you put your dollars towards something that counts for your future.



6. The Satisfaction of Ownership


There is nothing quite like walking around in your own home. As more apartments are crammed into smaller spaces, the millennial home buyer is looking to get some elbow room.


And when you have a space to call your own, you can focus on attaining your own American Dream.


Life is too short to throw away your hard-earned money on something that makes you unhappy. Visit a local home center today to discover your manufactured home options.


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