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The Pet Owners’ Guide to a “Purr”fect Home

You’re at your kitchen counter prepping for the dinner that many are patiently waiting to be served. The delicious aroma of your meal fills the air when you’re interrupted by a small nudge at your leg… oh yes, all pet owners have undoubtedly experienced the light tap of a wet nose followed by a subtle whine for a tiny scrumptious morsel


We, of course, cannot resist those undeniably adorable glistening eyes staring up at us, and then we do what we had promised ourselves we’d stop doing. We give into their not-so-sly begging tactics by dropping a little piece of food onto the floor for them.


So, why is it that we are total softies when it comes to our pets? The answer is simple, we love them, of course! And we as pet owners will go to great lengths to make sure we give our trusty (or sneaky) companions the best there is.




But, who says great lengths have to be crazy difficult? We know that when you’re shopping for a home, that you’re looking for a place for your best pal to feel at home too. That’s why Clayton offers plenty of pet features available to turn your home into an area your pet will adore.


Hideaway Drawer for Food and Water

White pull out drawer in manufactured home with pet food and water bowl built in.


You were just walking through your home, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you turned the corner and BAM! You accidently bumped your pets water bowl and now you and the floor are soaked. Can you relate?


For most pets, their two favorite times of the day include meal time and nap time. They may be able to nap wherever they please but that doesn’t solve the problem of finding a good place for those clunky food and water bowls.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient way to hide these pesky bowls? We’ve got your back! A built-in hideaway drawer is such a simple way to solve the nagging problem of that food bowl eye sore.


Pet Grooming Station

In home pet grooming station with silver faucets and a tile tub.


It’s a rainy day where you live, and your furry little rascal can’t avoid the menacing mud puddle in the backyard. If this has ever happened to you, you have either scooped up your pet up and dumped them in the shower for a quick rinse (covering yourself in mud, too!), or you’ve had to drop big money at the groomer to get them all cleaned up!


Well, we just don’t think that’s right! That’s why we give you the option of your very own grooming station right in your home! With your very own grooming station, you can cater to your animal’s specific needs, without dealing with the mess or the money.


Did I mention the style? Stone styled tiling and silver faucets that flow with the theme of your home is the perfect added touch for any pet owner.


Pet Bed Cubby or Storage Areas

Pull out pet food and water bowl under pet cubby.


Even the most energetic pets need a nap every once and a while! So, why not give them their own designated area to sleep away from the ruckus of the rest of the home?


Although a designated area may be good for some pets, other furry companions prefer to always be by their trusty owner’s side. If your pet is like this, then you also have the versatility to convert this cubby into a storage area. The perfect place to keep all your pet’s goodies in one place!


Our pets really are our best friends. They provide us with endless loyalty and love, what could we possibly do to repay them for that? Well, to start, let’s give them a cozy home with all the features they’re sure to love!




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