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6 Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Owning a pet is fun, exciting and rewarding. Some pet owners may not realize how much money they spend on their pet per year, but food, toys and vet bills can add up! Check out these pet money saving tips for your family!



1. Buy Food In Bulk And Use Coupons

Pug Dog and Food


To save money on pet food, try buying pet food in bulk! Food bought in bulk can save more money than you may think, especially if you have multiple pets! Check with your veterinarian or the food brand’s homepage for coupons or specials to save you money.



2. Stay Up To Date On Checkups And Vaccines

Kitten with Leash on Scale at Vet Office


To save money with pet vet care, it's important to make sure your pets get their regular checkups and stay up to date on their vaccines. Putting off appointments for your pet could lead to unexpected illnesses or problems that can cost more than expected. A checkup at the vet is a lot cheaper than having health problems develop that can rack up charges.



 3. Make Homemade Treats

Golden Dog Birthday Homemade Dog Treat


Grabbing a bag of treats is certainly convenient, but they can be pricey. There are numerous pet treat recipes made from all natural ingredients that are easy and delicious for your pet! Taking just a little time to make great treats will pay off.


To save money on pet treats, try a pumpkin and peanutbutter recipe or a more savory chicken broth biscuit recipe for your dog! For your feline friends' pet treats, try making savory tuna bites or cat food and rice treats.



4. Make Homemade Toys

Dog and Toys Outside Homemade Toys


Do you have any old clothes just lying around? Old clothes are perfect for creating play toys for your pets! Sowing a plastic bottle into extra fabric to create a toy can be a money saver and a way for your pet to enjoy new entertainment. Dogs love the crunching noise plastic bottles make!


Also try buying a large stuffed animal from a garage sale for your dog! You could also buy a really small stuffed animal (think old happy meal toys) along with loose catnip and sow the catnip into the old toy for your cat.



5. Research Pet Boarding

Small Puppy on Beach by Water


Leaving your pet is hard enough, but paying too much while you’re away is even harder. To save money on pet boarding, do research in your area first to find the perfect price, along with perfect care! and are great resources for finding a dog sitter and comparing prices.


You can also “research” your neighbors too. Get to know them and see if they’re willing to watch your pets while you’re away!



6. Check Your Local Thrift Store

Dog in Collar Vest and Leash at Park on Bridge


Your local thrift stores may have just what you are looking for! Usually kittens and puppies outgrow their collars and leashes quickly. The early stages are great times to look for temporary collars that they will soon outgrow.


It’s also a great place to find traveling crates or household pet accessories for any kind of pet. We’ve found hamster cages and bird cages at thrift stores before!


These tips are just a few ways to help with expenses. It’s always important to keep your pet happy, but hopefully these tips will help keep your wallet a little bit happier too. Keep making your pets happy and make them feel at home by incorporating pet friendly options into your home!

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