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6 Modern Clayton Manufactured Home Upgrades



Have you ever looked around your kitchen and dreamed of all of the things you would change and add to create your dream kitchen? At Clayton, we have countless mobile home kitchen upgrade options to help you outfit your kitchen nearly any way you’d like!


Whether it be as simple as fresh kitchen light fixtures or as big as a built-in wine cooler, Clayton has just about anything and everything you’d need to design a mobile home kitchen fit for any chef.


If you choose to host a holiday party or bond with your kids over baking cookies, your kitchen can be customized to perfectly fit your lifestyle. 


1. Farmhouse Sink



You can add a farmhouse sink like this one featured in the Giles Navigator model so you can have more room in your sink for dishes or thawing out food.


2. Upgraded Refrigerator



You can also purchase an appliance package and upgrade your refrigerator to have an ice maker and water filter on the fridge like this refrigerator featured in the  Tyler model by Schult.  Plus, we have a wine refrigerator option that will let you store your wine in the kitchen at the perfect serving temperature and separate from your main refrigerator.


3. Stylish and Sleek Vent Hoods



We also have designer vent hood options like this one to go above your stove to give your kitchen a very stylish look while also being highly functional.


4. Modern Kitchen Island



You can also choose to incorporate a large kitchen island to expand your counter space for everyday use or for when you host your next party! Some models have wine rack options built into the kitchen island and other models have pop-up kitchen island outlets or built-in chopping boards. 


5. Built-in Coffee Maker


If you’re an early riser and need that boost to get you over the hump, we also offer an awesome built-in coffee maker like this one featured in the Westwood model by Giles.**


6. Pop-up Power Strips


Add pop-up power strips to your counters so you can have an outlet available for countertop appliances or a place charge your phone or laptop while eating breakfast!


From sinks to appliances to kitchen layouts and more, we’re sure to have the options you want to create your dream kitchen. Visit your local home center to tour model homes, learn more about kitchen upgrades and start planning your ideal kitchen today!


Create Your Custom Clayton Kitchen


**This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you. 

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