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5 Cheap and Easy Family Activities to Maximize Your Money In The Summer


1. Grow Your Own


The summer is a great time to start your own raised garden. And it’s a lot easier than you think. Last month, Charlie wrote a great blog on building your own raised garden bed. Once you have a good variety of veggies, start incorporating them into your meals. This will save money on groceries and will also lead to eating cleaner and greener, which can save you money on your health in the long-term.


2. Cut The Cord

Blank TV Screen Entertainment Center

Alright, now this is a tough one. But there is no better time to try cancelling your cable TV service. Even if it is just for the summer, take a break from the tube and spend your time outside instead. Depending on how much you pay for cable services, even if you just cancel for the summer, you can save yourself a few hundred dollars or more. Many shows or events can be streamed online for free!


3. Sprinkle Some Fun In

lawn sprinkler

Depending on where you live, the summer can be brutal to your yard. Although the added expense of having to water the grass may be unavoidable, you can make the most of it by turning it into a fun activity. Let the kids run and play in the water! Most sprinklers, even the most standard, offer a lot of entertainment to kids. It may divert your water a bit, but the net result is still a watered yard and happy kids!


4. Set Up Camp 

Open Backyard for Camping and Playing

Loading up the car and heading into the backcountry can be done inexpensively if you plan it right. Most national parks offer camping affordably and if you aren’t near a national park, many other services provide a spot to set up a tent for a nominal fee.


Set up camp by a river that offers fishing and you get a bang for your buck by being able to catch and eat your own dinner! If driving to camp is unaffordable or not allowed in near park areas, setting up camp in your own backyard can also be a fun activity! You’d be surprised how off the grid you’ll feel zipped up in a tent in your yard.


5. Get On The Water

Lakeside View Outdoor Swimming Wading Fishing

For most of us, the summer is hot. Find a local body of water. Be it a lake, river or ocean, just get in it or as close to it as you can. Many public bodies of water offer parks or walking trails to venture through and all it costs is the gas you need to get yourself there. Even just being close to the water can be a welcome treat from the heat of the summer.


If you’re fortunate enough to be near a national park or a river that offers wading access, even better! Get out of the sun and cool yourself down for less money than going to the pool or a waterpark.



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