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Organize Your Life Part 2: 5 Ways to Achieve an Organized Kitchen


 It seems like the kitchen is always the first place to become disorganized. Have you ever thought “If I just hurry, throw it in there and close the cabinet door, no one will notice!” Yeah, I think most of us can relate. Well, I’m here to give you a few tips on how to prevent this from happening so you can master mobile home kitchen organization.


1. Organize Pot and Pan Lids

Clever kitchen pot and pan storage in the cabinetPhoto by How to Nest for Less


Pot and pan lids are sometimes awkward and seem to take up so much needed space in cabinets. Thankfully there are cheap ways to organize your pots and pans in your kitchen.


You can find these hooks at your local low cost convenience or hardware store. Simply place them on the inside of your cabinet door and customize them to fit your pan lids.



2. Organizing Baking Ware

Bake ware kitchen cabinet organization photo by orgjunkie.comPhoto by I'm An Organizing Junkie


When I go searching for a cupcake pan, I end up pulling out ten other pans just to get out the one cupcake pan, but not anymore.


Check out this cheap way to organize your baking pans and make them easier to identify. This organizer is intended as a drying rack for dishes but can totally have multiple uses. It's especially helpful for small kitchens where you need more storage options. Organize and maximize your space!



3. Organizing Rubber Gloves

Rubber_Glove_Storage_Photo_by_Organize_With_Sandy.jpgPhoto by Organize With Sandy


Remember those hooks you used for the pan lids? You will want to save the extras for this kitchen organization diy project! I always felt obligated to leave my wet gloves on the counter before putting them under the sink. Now, they can dry and not be left out on the kitchen counter. 


Simply install one of those hooks under the sink and grab a binder clip from your office. Now your rubber gloves are out of the way and can hang to dry.


4. Organizing Cleaning Supplies 

Tension bar organization for under the kitchen sink organizationPhoto by The Cameron Team


Using every inch of space in your cabinetry can be tricky, but it's a necessity if you have a small mobile home kitchen. Under the sink cabinet space can be even trickier. Look at this space saving way to store your cleaning supplies!


Installing a tension rod under your cabinet to hang bottles is the perfect diy kitchen organization project. It makes more space underneath the rod for other things. Use a tension rod to create storage underneath your kitchen sink


5. Organizing All Those Cups...And Cups And Cups

Water bottle kitchen organization cabinets solutionPhoto by Better Homes and Gardens


It seems like the cabinets can quickly become overrun with cups and water bottles. They take up so much space! Check out this budget-friendly and innovative way to store water bottles and drinking cups. Take an office organizer and place it sideways in your cabinet to take advantage of the vertical space and keep your bottles organized in your kitchen cabinets.



After organizing your kitchen and putting everything in place with the Part 1 blog on budget-friendly organization tips, check out part 3 of the Organize Your Life series and learn how to get your laundry room in order! 

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