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How to Spruce Up Your Sidewalk – Four Different Walkway Ideas

A walkway is not only important for providing you with a safe, dry path to your home – it also serves as a unique invitation to your guests.


The better your sidewalk landscaping design, the more welcoming it is. With a little maintenance, your sidewalk curb appeal will direct and welcome your guests year round! Here are do it yourself sidewalk landscaping ideas from the most basic to the most creative styles, making your home one of a kind.


Since many manufactured home siding manufacturers recommend not putting shrubs and plants too close to your siding to prevent staining and pollen build up, landscaping around your sidewalk is a great way to add a personal, colorful touch to your home exterior.


Gravel Walkway

Gravel sidewalk manufactured home landscaping


The same gravel you use in the driveway can also be used to make a sidewalk or pathway to your front door. You can even place a couple pieces of lumber along to create a border or use gardening stones for a cleaner, concrete look.


Stone gravel walkway manufactured home porch


 This is one of the most popular landscaping ideas for a path between your house and the sidewalk. Keeping the gravel in the path and out of the yard can be a chore, but it is a simple and easy way to add texture to the overall aesthetic of your home. A gravel walkway can help give your home a clean look as long as you keep it weed free.



Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Walkway to Manufactured Home Front Door


A little texture in the traditional concrete sidewalk can add just enough flair to your walkway. Besides the occasional pressure wash, concrete is one of the easiest styles to take care of.


Concrete Sidewalk Mobile Home Landscaping


Plus, there are plenty of good plants to line a walkway, such as varieties of sage, zinnias or daisies, which are ideal for edge way landscaping.


Brick Walkway

Manufactured Home with Brick Walkway


Brick by brick, this type of path has been one of the most popular and traditional walkway materials through the years. The brick option allows you to add numerous sidewalk decorating ideas, such as sidewalk border shrubs, and to create the perfect entrance!


To protect the color and the evenness of the bricks as well as to prevent weeds from popping up and moving your bricks around, get a long-lasting waterproofing sealer for your bricks.


Stepping Stone Sidewalk

Stepping Stone Sidewalk to Manufactured Home


Lay stones down for a causal walkway through the yard to your beautiful home! There doesn’t have to be too much landscaping around a stepping stone sidewalk, but you should replace any cracked or chipped stones as they weather.


Stone Walkway to Manufactured Home 

For your stone walkway, you can either arrange them close to one another like a mosaic, space them out a little with gravel to fill in the gaps or create a low-maintenance stepping stone path.


Manufactured Home Walkway Landscaping

Mulching and planting flowers and bushes along your concrete sidewalk are great ways to spruce up this classic walkway material. 


Lining Your Walkway with Flowers


No matter which walkway material you decide to use, one of the best ways to decorate your sidewalk is with flowers. Choose easy to care for flowers that will last through spring, summer and fall.


Some weather resistant flowers to consider lining your walkway with include:

  • Yarrow – it has bright color options, is drought-resistant and heat-resistant
  • Lavender – it has a soft, inviting color, a great smell and a hardy plant
  • Lamb’s Ear – it has lovely muted colors and is a great complement to many other colors on top of doing great in full sun
  • Purple Coneflower – they attract butterflies and bees, thrive in sun and are resilient


Mobile Home Sidewalk Entrance Landscaping


Now that you have a few front walkway landscaping ideas, try one of these styles with your home and see what works best for you. You can also browse Pinterest to get many landscape design sidewalks, walkway flower bed ideas and to see a variety of exterior style designs.



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