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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Sidewalk Entrance

A walkway is not only important for providing you with a safe, dry path to your home – it also serves as an invitation to your guests.


The better looking your sidewalk is, the more welcoming it is, and with a little maintenance, your walkway will gladly direct and welcome your house guests year round! Here are ideas from the most basic to the most creative styles that you can easily do yourself!

Gray Gravel

Clayton Pinehurst manufactured homeThe Pinehurst model by Clayton


The same gravel you use in the driveway can also be used to make a sidewalk or pathway to your front door. You can even place a couple pieces of lumber along to create a border or use gardening stones for a cleaner, concrete look. Keeping the gravel in the path and out of the yard is the only chore to keep up with, and it ads texture to the overall aesthetic of your home.




kids playing in front of manufactured home


A little texture in the traditional concrete sidewalk can add just enough flair to your walkway. Besides the occasional pressure wash, concrete is one of the easiest styles to take care of.




Clayton Buccaneer Vasquez manufactured home

The Vasquez model by Cavalier


Brick by brick, this has been one of the most popular and traditional walkway settings throughout the years. Add shrubs along the path and you’ve got yourself the perfect entrance! To protect the color, brick walkways should be cleaned and sealed every 2-3 years or you can leave it alone to add a unique distressed look.



Stepping Stones

Clayton Lewistown Modular HomeThe 56CHA28683AM model by Schult


Lay stones down for a causal walkway through the yard, past your personalized garden, to your beautiful home! There’s not much to taking care of these stones although you should replace any cracked or chipped stones.


Now that you have a few options, try one of these styles with your home and see what works best for you. You can also browse Pinterest to get many landscaping ideas and see a variety of exterior style designs.

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