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4 Ways to Go Green With Energy Efficient Features in a Clayton Home

In honor of St. Patrick's day this weekend, we're celebrating ways you can go green! (Ways that don't involve painting your face or wearing green, but you should probably do that, too.) One of the ways you can make every part of your life green is by "going green" at home. You can choose natural cleaning products to make your home sparkle or choose energy efficient options for your home.


Celebrating the holiday by going green can even help out your wallet. In the long run, energy efficient features can be one of the best ways to save money. As we all know, the less energy used, the better. When you upgrade to energy efficient features in your home, it benefits you financially while also helping the environment.


Check out these energy efficient mobile home features that have recently become some of the most popular choices among Clayton home buyers!


energy efficiency low-e windows manufactured home building


A simple energy efficient feature that can easily be overlooked is the type of window used in your home. Investing in high quality, energy efficient windows can be one of the best decisions a home buyer ever makes.


Low-E Windows have advanced window coatings that keeps the heat out during the summer and keep heat it in during the winter without making too much of an impact on how much visible light can come through.


Along with saving money on the energy bill, these energy efficient Low-E windows can help save the color of furniture by blocking out damaging UV rays from the sun.


effective insulation_how homes are built


Having effective insulation in your home saves money and energy, and it makes a home more comfortable to live in.


I would suggest to anyone looking to buy a home to have additional insulation that goes beyond the required standard insulation. It can be in the home’s walls, flooring and roof and helps balance the room temperature.


The upgraded insulation that is offered with the Energy Smart Home package is generally an R 33/11/22 insulation which keeps your home well insulated during all seasons. With extra insulation, less work from the heating and cooling systems is needed therefore minimizing the use of excess energy and helping save on energy costs.




Clayton homes also have quality heating and cooling systems that are efficient and help maximize your daily comfort.

energy efficient_heating and cooling_green building


Heating and cooling systems have progressed significantly in recent years due to the high demand for energy efficiency. In recent years, standard heating and cooling systems have used up more energy than necessary, but now advanced heating and cooling features are available.


Home buyers can upgrade to an energy efficient water heater that has a thick side wall with better insulation and uses less energy by retaining more heat.



ENERGY STAR(R) certified_home appliances_energy efficiency


Consider looking for a home that is ENERGY STAR® certified! For a home to have this certification, it must abide by strict requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Homes that do so will typically have the energy efficient features that I mentioned above or features that are similar such as CFL lightbulbs or programmable thermostats. Energy efficient mobile home features have many benefits and they are available in homes built by the Clayton home building group.


If you’re looking for a new, energy efficient home this spring, stop by your local Clayton home center and ask a home consultant about the Energy Smart Home package and many other energy efficient upgrades that can be added to most Clayton homes.


Save With Energy Efficient Features!

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