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4 Simple Improvements to Customize Your Kitchen

Kitchens are where your family spends most of their time. Through preparing meals, eating snacks or catching up, your kitchen is often the focal point of your family’s life.




Thus, your kitchen should be a focal point of your style! The following are a few ways that you can plan and execute making your kitchen yours.


1. Pick a Backsplash

Kitchen tile backsplash tan cream rectangle tiles


Textures, lines, shapes and many other factors can transform your kitchen to match your style. And the best part? Many styles can be installed with little or no prior experience. 


For more on  different types of backsplashes and their advantages, check out backsplash ideas to customize your kitchen!


2. Change Your Knobs

brushed knobs in kitchen on cabinets and drawers


It’s a simple thing to replace, but it can change the whole look of your cabinets without investing a lot of time and money.


Your local hardware store will have a selection of knobs, but check stores like Anthropologie, Etsy, Hobby Lobby or even antique stores for a more shabby-chic and eclectic look.


3. Add Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting in Kitchen by Range and Microwave


While many newer manufactured homes come with ample lighting, you may find yourself longing for a brighter workspace.


Adding lights can cost anywhere from $5 for LED puck lights to $40 for light bars, but any additional light will brighten up your kitchen and add your other improvements.


4. Add a Wooden Dish Rack

Wood dish drying rack in kitchen on counter


For as little as $20 bucks, a dish drying rack will not only add a practical space for drying your fragile dishes, but you will also add the warm touch of wood, which contrasts nicely with most countertop materials. Pick a color of wood that pops or that you think is unique!


There are lots of other ways to improve your kitchen and make it a little more personal, but we hope these 4 steps will give you a good start. 


Customization doesn't stop at your kitchen, though. Clayton Built® homes offer features and upgrades from soaker tubs to energy efficiency options and walk-in closets. Check out one of our favorite home features by browsing the fireplace options we offer. 

Customize With a Fireplace

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