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4 Reasons that Manufactured Home Building Facilities are Efficient

From lower building costs to energy efficiency, the cost savings that manufactured and modular homes offer are abundant. But some of you may ask, what are the other advantages of building manufactured homes in a facility indoors?


The Kennesaw model by Norris


While we have lots of posts about all the ways that a manufactured home helps save you money, this post will discuss the benefits of having your home built in a facility!


1. No Exposure to the Elements



Even in the mildest of climates, weather can limit or delay building time on site built homes. Taking more time to build a home costs more money for a contractor or builder, which means you have to pick up the bill.


This is one reason mobile homes are built inside! In a climate controlled facility, a manufactured or modular home is built in a well-lit, comfortable environment that allows the workers to build all year round.


Even during the hottest summers or the coldest winters, manufactured home facilities keep working to construct your home with strength and durability without delays. The process is consistent and reliable.




It also means that many of the materials they use are not exposed to inclement weather.


2. Efficiently Planned Workplace



Have you ever watched a construction crew set up shop to build a home? It’s typically a mess of scattered tools, random piles of materials and a web of extension cords.


Manufactured home facilities are designed by engineers that live for efficiency. By carefully planning every square foot, builders and craftsmen are set up to have everything they need for the job without spending your time and money on searching for their tools and materials.


3. Assembly Line Production

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Remember learning how cars use to be made in history class? It used to be that manufacturing workers carried parts around and built automobiles one by one. Today, site built houses are still made the same way.


Manufactured and modular housing, however, uses carefully planned, reliable assembly lines to move the whole home through a line of trained team members at a record pace. This innovative process took building homes out of precut materials to the next level.


Assembly line production in a facility allows the expert builders to build more and walk less, drastically increasing the efficiency that the same home builder would have at a job site.


4. Security



An unfortunate consequence of building homes outdoors is vandalism and crime at the job site. Whether it’s kids breaking stuff or materials and tools being stolen, builders are forced to include these risks and costs in the final price of a home.


Thankfully, manufactured home facilities eliminate these risks and lower costs by keeping all materials and homes in a secure location with surveillance and security systems.


Saving on Our End for You



All of these benefits of building a home inside create savings that are passed on to you, the home buyer! And more home building companies across the country are recognizing the value of building homes efficiently so that they can provide affordable options to home buyers.


Having your Clayton home custom made is already an exciting experience, but knowing that you’re getting more house for your money because of a tried and true process only makes it sweeter.


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