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4 Landscaping Ideas for Your Manufactured or Modular Home

For years, along with lawn care and other outdoor maintenance, landscaping has been a great way to improve the exterior look of your home. Change a couple things in your landscape design and your home can look completely different!


Whether you are trying to bring your seasoned manufactured home back to life or brighten up your new modular home, landscaping is the way to go!


Even if you are on a budget, the list I have put together for you with ideas of landscaping for manufactured homes may be just what you’ve been looking for. 




Add A Front Lawn Garden


A garden can transform the entire perception of your home. Without a doubt, gardening is one of the most useful front yard landscaping ideas. Although it might seem obvious, there’s more to a successful garden than you might think. What you put in your garden plays a big role.


Make your home appear more warm and welcoming by using a combination of flowers, flowering plants and shrubs to outfit the front of your home. For something simple yet elegant, try using Gardenia for a classic look.


If color is more of what you are looking for, then I would suggest assorted perennials and annuals. Other good choices include Crinums, Petunia and ‘Gertrude Jekyl’ roses.




Incorporate Container Gardening In a Smaller Yard 


Often the idea of mixing containers into gardening is not even considered. If you have potted plants, chances are they're on your porch or patio, but blending those into the landscape design is quick, easy and makes landscaping on a budget simple.


Also, adding unique or colorful containers can brighten up the borders. Seasonal flowers work well for container gardening, but you could also use a year round plant or even vegetables.


My top suggestions would be: Yucca (“Golden Sword”), Buxus (“Green Mountain”) or Juniperus (“Blue Star”).


Add Stepping Stones 


Adding these is a common way to change your plain landscape design. Whether they’re round, square or irregularly shaped, each stepping stone is different and adds character.


Typically, the process of laying down a walk way of stones is fairly brief and does not require too much additional work. These can be used in many different ways and in many different areas of your lawn.


Covered Fire Pit Outdoor Seating


Incorporate a Fire Pit


A fire pit landscaping idea provides a cozy spot to gather during any kind of outdoor entertainment. More than likely, when you first think of landscaping for manufactured homes, a fire pit is not the first thing that pops into your head, but why not?

Check Out a Fire Pit DIY

The installation might take a little more time and work than the other landscaping ideas on this list, but it is well worth it.


Once the fire pit is complete, add seating and other accessories and you can begin spending your nights outside with family and friends around a comfy, warm fire.


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