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4 Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Turkey day has arrived. You are cooking like crazy, and the kids are off from school saying, “Mom, Mom, Mom! Mom!” until you are at your wit’s end. How about a few crafts to occupy your little angels?


Mom and child at Thanksgiving Dinner Table


1. The Hand Turkey

First we have an oldie, but a classic. Who doesn’t love the famous hand turkey?


Items needed:

  • A hand (preferable your own)
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons, color pencils and markers
  • Feathers, glitter


Draw your hand on paper or let your kids trace their own and cut it out to make a hand turkey. Give them some crayons, colored pencils and let them go crazy. You can even add glitter or feathers depending on what you have around.


2. The Feather Hunt 

The second activity will get a little more of their energy out. Have a feather hunt!


Items needed:

  • Brightly colored feathers
  • Glue
  • Paper bag

Take brightly colored feathers and hide them outside or in the house. After they have gathered all their feathers, let them make a headdress.


Then, cut a headband out of the paper bag. Use glue to put the two adjoining ends of the headband together. Next glue the feathers to the brown bag headband.  It’s a fun activity that will keep even your most active children interested.


3. The Corn Shuck

Have a corn shucking contest with your family!


Items needed:

  • Ears of corn (still inside the husk)
  • Trash can or bag (makes clean up a lot easier)
  • A trophy or prize for the winner (maybe they don’t have to help with dishes)


Give each kid five ears of corn, or fewer if they are younger to make it fair, and let the games begin!


My grandma used to do this with me and my cousins when we were younger, and we thought it was the best game ever. Then at the end, the winner gets bragging rights. It doesn’t matter if you are five or fifty-five, it is fun to gloat!


4. The Ombre Pinecone

This last activity is for older children. I am a fan of everything pinecones, so when I saw this activity on Whimzeecal, I had to include it.


Items needed:

  • Pinecones (all shapes and sizes)
  • Paint (at least 3 different shades of one color)
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Imagination

Ombre pinecones. I know you might be thinking “How can those two things go together?” but they do!


You make three or four of the same color, like blue for instance, and then you put the darker shade of blue at the bottom of the pinecone and then continue with the other two lighter blues and voila! You have beautiful ombre pinecones.


The colors are limitless. Make sure you brush off the dirt from your pine cone with a toothbrush before you paint it.


Happy Thanksgiving Plate


I hope you enjoy these crafts and have fun with the people you love this holiday season. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

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