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3 Reasons Single-Section Homes Make The Ultimate Tiny Houses

When you think of tiny houses, you probably don’t think of a manufactured home. For most people, the desire to go tiny comes from a desire to reduce unnecessary clutter, simplify life and leave a small footprint on the planet.

Extra Point Mobile Home Tiny Manufactured House

The Extra Point model by Clayton 


What people don’t realize is that single wide manufactured homes do all that! As more families realize that downsizing to a cozy home with modest features is an affordable, smart way to live, Clayton is here to supply beautiful small homes that are perfect for your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for manufactured homes under 1,000 square feet or just a smaller home to downsize, here are 3 reasons that single wide homes are the ultimate tiny houses.


1. They Are Totally Customizable

Inside and out, from floor to ceiling, you can select just about any feature in your home! What floor plan best fits your lifestyle? Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or need more space in the closets?


These are all questions you can go over with your home center team to ensure your new home is made just for you! Even better, if you’re like me with no handy skills or time to invest in building your own home, our home building facilities bring all your ideas to life. (And certainly much faster than you or I could!)


customizable manufactured home


2. They Help The Planet

Building our homes indoors by one of America’s largest home builders has its perks! For starters, Clayton uses green building practices. On top of that, you can pick appliances, home features and materials like Low-E windows which are specifically designed for energy savings.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Energy efficient water heater
  • Upgraded insulation
  • Energy efficient windows
  • ENERGY STAR®  certified appliances


Plus our building process, with teams of craftsman home builders, reduces waste to a fraction of typical home construction.


customizable manufactured home


3. They Give You Just What You Need

Moving to a smaller home is all about shifting our mindset. The process of simplifying all our stuff makes us truly take a step back and evaluate what’s most important.


The less we focus on filling our lives with the latest gadgets, the more we can focus on the people and experiences that mean the most to us. Our single wide homes provide a comfortable way of living with enough space to spread out but still capture that life change of living in a whole new way.




Learn more about getting your own luxury tiny house with one of our Designer Series tiny homes or check out beautiful Clayton homes that are under 1,000 sq. ft. Embracing a simplified lifestyle that lets you enjoy life more can begin with a smaller space that lets you live bigger!


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