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3 Creative Christmas Card Display Ideas

From the standard shape, size and message to the most creative, unique and bizarre, Christmas cards are a great way to express your family’s personality!


With the holiday season coming to a close, many of us have sent and received countless Christmas cards, but what are we supposed to do with them all now?


Holiday Card Display Ideas


Some people have a designated area for mail that is now full of holiday cards. Others stick to putting all the holiday cards on the fridge, but I believe putting Christmas cards on display will be more interesting!


1. Create a Christmas Card Wreath

Holiday Card Tea Bag Wreath IdeaPhoto by


There are a couple ways to use a wreath to display Christmas cards!


The first option would be to make a wreath entirely out of Christmas cards! You will need clothespins and a large cardboard circle to form the wreath.


Decorate the cardboard circle with patterned paper or paint and attach colorful clothespins. Then, instead of clipping on tea bags like the above picture, you can display Christmas cards.


This wreath display would also be a great decoration and could be hung up almost anywhere in the house!


You could also decorate a plain greenery wreath with Christmas cards. Greenery can be used all winter long, not just for Christmas! If you try greenery, use clothespins to clip cards onto the greenery. You could even put holes in the cards and loop a small piece of ribbon through each card to hang it from the wreath.


2. Living Room Twine Banner

Holiday Card Twine BannerPhoto by Polka Dot Chair


If you have a living room, family room or sitting room where you want to display your friends’ and family’s Christmas cards, then this is the way to go!


With some twine and clothespins (or anything else that would attach the cards to the twine), you can create a banner of Christmas cards across an entranceway, doorway or simply on the wall.


3. Christmas Card Tree

christmas card tree.jpgPhoto by Kelly’s Korner


Having multiple Christmas trees throughout a home is quite common, so dedicating one tree to Christmas cards is a good reason to get another Christmas tree and keep the holiday spirit going through the rest of winter!


With this design, you don’t have to buy more ornaments since the cards you receive throughout the holiday season will be the ornaments. Hang the cards just like they are ornaments, add some lights, and you have the perfect Christmas card tree display!


Clearly there are endless possibilities of what you can make and do with the Christmas cards you receive during the holidays!

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