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3 Bunk Bed Design Ideas for Kids

As a child, our homes are treasure coves waiting to be explored and what better place for children to explore than their own room? There is nothing like being a kid and having your room covered in your favorite super hero, sports team or movie character items and decorations. 


kids ready to jump off of window seat with airplane wings on


The main components in making your child’s room one of a kind are imagination and creativity. There are several different layouts and organizational techniques you can use that your child will absolutely love.


Whether you decide to go extravagant or simple, however you decorate your child's bedroom is sure to be a hit! Here are some fantastic decorating ideas for kid’s bedrooms to help you start thinking about creating a unique space for your kids.


1. Build A Multi-purpose Bunk Bed

Boy reading book on beanbag in bedroom by bunk bed


Create a bunk bed with a sleeping area on top and a fun hangout below! Add a creative twist by incorporating fun furniture, bean bags and unique lighting to create a unique space for your child to read or hangout with friends.


2. Create A Character Themed Room 

kids bedroom design with bunk bed


Inspire your child's imagination with a character theme. It might even encourage them to play and dream in a whole new world. Add a bunk bed to utilize the space in a small room so your children can share a room or have an extra bed for sleepovers.


3. Design a Bright and Clean Appearance 

Lime Green Kid Bedroom Decor


Decorate a room with only natural colors and keeping the selection of color to a minimum. Add a fun bunk bed design with couch space underneath to utilize space and create a hangout for when your kids have friends over.


Adding a built-in desk area with additional storage can also help keep your kids room organized while offering a designated place for homework, too.


The interior design and bedroom décor are truly fully customizable in a kid’s room, so get creative and create a space your kids will love. Visit a local home center today to view model homes and start planning how you'll decorate your child's bedroom today.


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