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15 Things You Don't Expect Living In a Tiny Home




At a recent home show, I learned some new things about the people who live in tiny homes and the issues that arise in the tiny home world.

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Based on those conversations, I compiled a list of things you might not be aware of when considering living in a tiny home. 


15 Unexpected Realities of Going Tiny

  1. You’ll be known exclusively as the guy or girl who lives in a tiny house.

  2. You’ll face zoning rules you didn’t know were so…anti-tiny home.

  3. You’ll become a better neighbor to make sure your neighbors don’t mind your home…which might be illegally placed.

  4. You’ll become organized not because you’re an organized person, but because you have to be organized.

  5. On that note, you’ll discover clever storage solutions and ideas you never knew could exist.

  6. You’ll realize how much you can live without.

  7. People will tell you that you’re wrong and/or stupid for choosing a tiny home.

  8. They’ll also tell you how to “fix” your tiny home.

  9. You’ll be shoved into intimate relationships with your roommate, significant other, family or whoever lives with you.

  10. And because of that, compromise and cooperation will become a lifestyle.

  11. You’ll grocery shop more because of a smaller fridge and less pantry space.

  12. Normal homes start to feel too big.

  13. If building your own tiny home, it will cost more than you think, especially for good appliances and windows.

  14. You’ll probably start enjoying the outdoors more.

  15. You’ll discover what is really important to you and learn more about yourself and the culture that surrounds you.

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