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Tiny House Inspiration in Prefabulous® Home Design

Most people wouldn’t expect a prefab home to allow them to be creative, however each Clayton Built® home floor plan has innovative designs weaved into every feature and function. This gives homeowners the ability to make their home both beautiful and efficient.


Nothing says efficiency like tiny house design, so we wanted to show you some of our space-saving, clutter-crushing hacks that are similar to those used in the tiny house trend.



Sliding Barn Doors

Manufactured home farmhouse Lulamae with sliding barn doors between master bedroom and bathroom


You can find sliding barn doors in many of our Prefabulous® kitchens, bedrooms and flex spaces. Sliding barn doors and pocket doors don’t take up the valuable space of a swinging door. They also look amazing.


Corner Storage Systems

Clever corner storage space that helps maximize storage space.


A corner storage space is a common, yet clever, tiny house inspired design that helps you make sure every inch of an area is maximized. So, instead of adding a single-purpose coat rack to your entryway, a corner storage system gives you a place to hang your coats, drop your keys, store your shoes and sit to put them on as you bolt out the door. Winning!


To-the-Ceiling Storage

Manufactured home kitchen with to the ceiling cabinets, a kitchen island and stainless steel appliances


There is something incredibly satisfying about knowing you’re utilizing every inch of space in your kitchen. Instead of wasting precious inches between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling, why not extend all the way up? This gives you the perfect opportunity to store dishes and small appliances that you don’t use every day a little higher up.


Open Display Cabinets

Manufactured home farmhouse inspired kitchen with butcher block countertops and open shelving


Using open display above your cabinets and counters or open shelving is a good way to draw the eye upward, as seen in the picture above. This openness can make the kitchen seem more spacious. Store your gorgeous wedding china, your favorite décor or your trusty canning jars here.


Bonus Tip: Adding a gorgeous backsplash doesn’t hurt either!


Unexpected Storage Solutions

Extra storage space in the kitchen of a manufactured home.


What are some major things you’re looking for in a tiny home alternative? Storage. Space. Options. This hideaway storage cabinet gives you the perfect home for dishes, snacks, spices, canned goods or small appliances. The options are limitless! The best part? It simply slides back in and looks exactly like the other cabinets in your home.


Alternative Walls
Creative glass wall separating hallway and living room inside a manufactured home.


This creative glass feature wall separates the living room from the hallway without visually breaking up the space. The gorgeous accent provides a huge focal point and makes both areas look much larger in size.


Built-In Features

Farmhouse inspired manufactured home kitchen with shiplap breakfast nook


A built-in cutting board, pop-up outlets or a dining nook lets you consolidate what you bring to an area, while also creating multipurpose spaces. The built-in dining nook can be used for entertaining friends and family, quick breakfasts before school, homework and heart-to-heart conversations, all while featuring built-in storage. The key: multipurpose features!


Open Floor Plan

Manufactured home with open floor plan layout, ceiling beams, wood floors and large bay windows


No matter the size of your home, an open floor plan makes it feel bigger! The open floor plan typically allows for better air flow through the home and leaves plenty of room for you to use multipurpose spaces, communicate between rooms and keep an eye on pets and kiddos from anywhere in the open area.


Big Window Proportions

Spacious area inside a manufactured house with an abundance of natural light.


With more space, comes more room which means you can take advantage of all the natural light. Using larger windows allows for natural lighting to pour in, making the space feel larger, lighter and brighter.


Multipurpose Spaces

Light and airy manufactured home mudroom with sink, cabinets, and multipurpose storage


Don’t limit the rooms in your home to what they’re labeled! It might technically be a formal dining room, but maybe you’d rather it be a family room. That utility room you’ve been trying to figure out? Turn it into a:

  • Craft room
  • Laundry room
  • Walk-in pantry

You could even use it as all three of those at once, the choice is yours. Get creative!


Hopefully these features inside our Clayton Built® homes have showed you that every home can be innovative. Stop by a home center today to let one of our friendly home consultants help you get your creative juices flowing as you find the home of your dreams.




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