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10 Ways Good Tiny Home Design is Used in Manufactured and Modular Homes

Many of these design tricks that help make tiny homes functional, beautiful and efficient also make manufactured and modular homes so livable!


1. Sliding Doors

Soho Sliding Barn Door on Closet Manufactured HOmeThe Soho Model   

You can find sliding barn doors in Clayton Built™ home kitchens, bedrooms or flex spaces. Sliding barn doors and pocket doors don’t take up the valuable space needed to swing open a door.


2. Corner Storage Systems

Modern Corner Coat Rack and Shelving Manufactured Home

The Modern

Clever corner storage is used in tiny home designs to make sure every inch is maximized! In a manufactured or modular home, why have just a coatrack and waste space above and below? Here, good design incorporates extra storage to maximize valuable space!


3. To-the-Ceiling Storage

Kitchen and Dining Cabinetry 35XTM18803AH_Kitchen_02.jpgThe X Treme Captain                                                                             The X Treme Admiral

Optimizing wall space with storage all the way to the ceiling lets these small kitchens still fit all your dishes while keeping an open flow and feel!


4. Doorless Display Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets and display storage The 4828-600 Fusion Sectional

Display storage above cabinets and counters helps draw the eye upward and make a space feel bigger!


5. Unexpected Storage Solutions

Hideaway Kitchen Cabinet Storage Pull Out CabinetThe MNR28503A Model

Picking up on the storage theme in small spaces? Manufactured and modular homes have found key ways to add storage space in unusual ways to take up less space and still provide room for your dishes and food!


6. Alternative Walls

Manufactured Home Glass Dividing Wall in Entryway

The 6744DTA Model

A glass wall separates the living room from the hall without visually breaking up space. They key is letting in plenty of light to make the home feel bigger!


7. Built-In Features

Breeze2_KitchenCuttingBoard_01.jpg 45TFC34763AH_Kitchen_01.jpgThe Breeze II Model

A built-in cutting board or built-in dining nook lets you consolidate what you bring to a space while also letting you create multipurpose spaces. The built-in cutting board still acts as counter space and the built-in dining nook can dual as an entertainment/party area.


What else does that nook also add to your living space? You guessed it…MORE STORAGE!


8. Open Floor Plans

Breeze 2 Open Floor Plan The Breeze II Model

No matter the size of your home, an open floor plan makes it feel bigger! Open floor plans let more air flow through a home, feel lighter and make for more multipurpose spaces.


9. Big Window Proportions

Large Windows in Open Dining Room and Kitchen  The Revolution 60 Model

Again, the key is that bigger windows let in more light and make your space feel bigger and less enclosed.


10. Multipurpose Spaces

Summit Multipurpose Storage and Laundry RoomThe Summitt Model

While this utility room is great for storage, it can also become a small craft room, laundry room and being off of the kitchen, an oversized walk-in pantry…and if you need it, it can be all of those at once!

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