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10 Creative Organization Project Ideas for the New Year

 For anyone with a home organization New Year’s resolution, I’ve put together 10 do it yourself home organizing ideas. This year, I’m personally trying to organize my hot mess of a room and kitchen, which is difficult in my small space!


As soon as I started scanning Pinterest, I found some great, creative organizing ideas and storage solutions. I tried making some of these ideas and have shared my list of easy to make home organization and storage solutions.


Mobile Home Kitchen Organization


1. Repurpose a Cheap Shower Caddy

I purchased a shower caddy for $3 at a local thrift store and firmly believe this creative organizing idea is one of the best ways to organize your kitchen.


Repurposed Shower Caddy for Kitchen Organization


Hang it on a wall and put your most used spices on it for easy access! This space saving organizer makes more room in my cabinet now for spices I use much less.


2. Repurpose a Wire Cooling Rack

I got this idea from this blog on how to hack a cooling rack. However, I bought the wrong kind of cooling rack. The wire rack I bought was pretty thick and not easy to bend. So instead, I bent the rack in half to hold my non-stick sprays!


If you look at the picture above, you see how the bent cooling rack keeps my non-stick sprays at easy access and goes perfectly with my kitchen spice rack/shower caddy organization solution.


3. Repurpose a File Organizer


Repurposing Office File Organizer for Kitchen Organization


Reusing a file organizer to organize pans in below-the-counter cabinets helps make the pans easier to find and saves space in the cabinet! This file organizer cost $2 at a local thrift store.


Kitchen Pan Organization With Office File Holder


4. Repurpose Leftover Shower Curtain Hooks

I love the look of hanging coffee mugs underneath cabinets. Plus, using these shower hooks for my mugs frees up space in my cabinets.


Do it Yourself Kitchen Under the Cabinet Coffee Hooks


To make this space saving kitchen project, start by nailing photo frame wall brackets to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. Then, loop the leftover shower curtain hooks through the brackets. Now, all those mugs can hang and declutter kitchen cabinets!


Bathroom Organization and Space Saving Ideas


1. Turn Those Hangers Upside Down

Coat Hanger Towel Rack in Bathroom


I saw this clever clothes hanger hack on Pinterest, and since my roommate and I have both had frustrations figuring out where to put our towels, I had to try it.


Organize Bathroom With Do It Yourself Clothes Hanger Idea 

To make this bathroom decluttering project, take a wooden hanger and put upside down against your wall or door. Nail on both sides of the hanger so the hanger rests on the nails. Now, you have a double hook option for hanging your towel and washcloth sets.


2. Create a Classic Mason Jar Countertop


Bathroom Countertop Organization with Mason Jars


Farmhouse style is trendy and mason jars are a staple to the farmhouse look. What’s great about using mason jars for bathroom countertop organization is that the glass lets you see what’s inside the jar.


You can even label your jars with tags or write on the jar with a paint pen. I labeled each by the type of makeup I was putting inside the jar.


Space Saving Organization in Your Bedroom


1. Make Jewelry Wall Art


Hanging Jewelry on Wall For Organization


This doesn’t work for every room, especially if your partner doesn’t want to see your jewelry on display. However, I have a room to myself and have gotten to save valuable jewelry box space by displaying some of my necklaces on the wall.


To make this cheap organizing idea, hang nails at staggered heights for an interesting visual effect and display jewelry that goes with the colors and look of your room. I've seen this used in tiny homes on TV to help the homeowners maximize space and help declutter!


2. Create Closet Space with Pop Tabs

When you can’t build a larger closet, this DIY space saving project is a great way to make more room on your closet rod! 


Using a Pop Tab for Closet Hanger Organization


By sliding a pop can tab onto wire hanger hooks, you can create another spot for more clothing to hang. Try putting favorite shirt and pants combos together to organize your closet by outfits or group clothing by color.


3. Frame Those Earrings

For while, I used a large plastic bin sitting on top of my dresser to hold onto earrings. However, it was bulky and let all the earrings get mixed up.


Do It Yourself Cheap Jewelry Organizer


This DIY organizing idea lets you paint a frame to match your personal style, takes up less space on the dresser and allows you to quickly choose the earrings you want to wear!


To make this cheap dresser organizing solution, buy a cheap frame and paint it to your liking. Then, take jewelry wire or other metal wire (I got mine from a frame-hanging kit) and hot glue the wire to either side of the back of the frame. Stand it up and hang your earrings.


4. Box Up Your Drawers


Bedroom Dresser Drawer Organization


I have a bunch of random belts from back when it was trendy to wear belts around a dress or a sweater and not through your belt loops…my how styles change. But fashion always comes back around, so I keep all the loose belts in a box in my dresser drawer.


Use Plastic Box for Cheap and Easy Drawer Organization


Boxing them up this way means they stay together, don’t take up closet space and don’t get tangled up with clothing threads and buttons. Box up items you want to keep but don’t necessarily wear anymore to make room for things you use more often.


These 10 homemade organization projects are a cheap and easy way to start decluttering your home and organizing different rooms. Check out our home organization series to see more home organization tips so you can maximize space in your manufactured home and keep it looking decluttered!

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