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1 Crazy Simple Trick to Heat Your Manufactured Home with Your Ceiling Fan (And 3 Other Ceiling Fan Hacks)

It’s February and spring is indeed coming, but for now, it’s still cold! We all know that ceiling fans can add much needed relief on hot, humid days, but did you know that they can also help warm your manufactured or modular home in the winter?

It’s true and surprisingly effective!


Mobile Home Ceiling Fan


How Fans Cool and Heat


When your fan directs air down by turning counterclockwise, you have air rushing past you, giving a “wind chill” effect which can help cool your manufactured or modular home by 4 degrees.


In the winter, however, you don’t want air rushing around you and making you feel colder. By reversing your fan direction to turn clockwise and switching to a low speed, the fan will slowly circulate the rising warm air up, down your walls, and back to the floor.


It’s crazy simple, and this little trick can save you money on your heating bills while also taking some strain off your heating system!


How to Switch Your Fan for Heat


Mobile Home Ceiling Fan


Switching the fan direction is easy!


  1. Simply grab a step stool and look for a switch on your fan. If it’s not immediately noticeable, look at your fan’s instruction manual or search online.
  2. Set it once to clockwise, and you’ll be on your way to saving money!


Other Ceiling Fan Hacks


If you’re excited about saving money with a switch on your fan, you may want to check out these other ways to get the most comfort out of your ceiling fan!


1. Over The Kitchen Table


If you like to craft or fill out paperwork on your kitchen table with a fan over it, you may hate how your fan can blow supplies away.


You can remedy this problem and still cool your dining area by switching the fan to turn clockwise and setting it on the highest speed. This action will rapidly draw air up around your table in a vortex, preventing it from blowing items of the table.


In other words, it will cool the area around the table while keeping your paper, glitter, or whatever you have undisturbed! This trick can also cool the room without cooling off your food!


2. In the Bedroom


Mobile Home Ceiling Fan Master BedroomThe IGN 704 model by SEhomes


Some people are different, but I personally don’t enjoy a fan blowing on my face while I try to sleep.


By using the same reverse direction/high speed setting as for the kitchen table (so long as your ceiling fan is located right above your bed), your bedroom can be cooled without the annoying feeling of air blowing around.


3. Large Rooms 


Ceiling Fan in Large Living Room Clayton Mobile HOmeThe Caperton model by Buccaneer


Many manufactured and modular home models are made with spacious living areas for a more open design. As a result, some homeowners choose to have two fans.


Manufactured and modular homes have several vents for air conditioning, but one vent may be positioned on one side of the room or behind the furniture.


To get the best airflow, you can experiment with the forward and reverse settings of your fans to effectively cool your home with an air stream to reach every corner.


There’s no set way to do this, but if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the challenge of maximizing efficiency and seeing how much money you can save on your energy bill all year round!


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